Package Pumping Stations Explained

MPC Services have been helping Midlanders with all their waste problems for over twenty years and have become a market leader in all aspects of waste pumping and disposal. We also maintain and service the units we install and this has been getting great feedback from clients – no one wants a crisis to develop with a sewage system and we are finding that prevention in this sector is certainly a whole lot better than cure! Our pumping units are designed to suit any application but one thing they all have in common is absolutely to notch German engineering at their heart. Although we have units ‘off the peg’, any client with a special requirement can always get an upgraded motor or any other changes they may require. As an example, we provide control panels and alarms as standard in twin pump systems, but these can also be provided for single pumps, if desired.


One of our simplest pumps, the drain-lift system is used mainly for raising grey water and treated waste. Like all MPC units, the basic single chamber of 190-600 litre capacity can be adjusted as required for a client and the standard KSB Ama-Porter 301 SE/NE pump can also be upgraded on request. The great thing about the MPC Drain-Lift is that it is completely pre-assembled and arrives ready to go. Although it is a workhorse, it is ideal for occasional use, such as in cellars which are prone to flooding in bad weather or for pits and shafts which need to be surveyed. Some places have constant seepage and this is where this 1¼ inch pre-assembled effluent package pump station really comes into its own and of course with the famous MPC maintenance package, will never let you down.

610mm Sewer-Lift

Just like the Drain-Lift, the Sewer-Lift is preassembled and comes with either a two or two and a half inch pump and depending how much lift is required, there are two pumps as standard – the KSB Ama-Drainer or Calpeda pumps, which of course can also be upgraded. People find these pumps invaluable when there is a need to lift wastewater containing solid matter but it is also great for moving domestic sewage, either from toilets or the more innocuous waste from washing machines and dishwashers. In the commercial setting, it can be used for areas where surface water is a problem through bad drainage or if a car park or other open area is prone to flooding. Installation is an absolute breeze and these pumps can be delivered from stock immediately, so if you are in the middle of a flooding crisis, you can get help fast. The 610mm Drain-Lift is ideal for coping with flood water because as everyone knows, flood water is seldom just liquid – there is always an element of solid waste, even if only disturbed soil. 


sewer liftSewer-Lift

This larger size Sewer-Lift is also preassembled, but has a wider pipe (1000mm) and is perfect for lifting crude waste. It can be used for residential properties but is man enough for commercial applications too, pumping wastewater containing solid matter from toilets, kitchens and washing machines as in the case of its smaller version. It is a real workhorse when it comes to clearing floodwater too and because of its larger diameter pipe system, can obviously cope with bigger pieces of debris, so it can come in very handy when dealing with surface water with a lot of rubbish in it, as is often the case in flooded commercial properties and building sites. It has a huge capacity of 1,200 or 1,700 litres and comes with single or twin pumps – as standard they are KSB Ama-Porter 501 SE / 601 SE or Calpeda GQSM 50-9 / GMVM 50-65C, but as usual, we can tailor the set up to your needs. When you need to rely on a pumping system and can’t have a breakdown because you might get flooded with rainwater runoff or worse, you should go for the Easy-Lift, because it has a unique design in which the ducks’ feet are mounted, not to the actual tank, but to a plate which simply lifts out whole, giving immediate access for regular maintenance. Add this convenience to the MPC maintenance package, and you need never fear flooding again.