Recovering from a flood or other disaster? How MPC Services can help

Disasters happen, whether we like it or not. When one occurs we like to know that there is help out there. This is no different when thinking about your drainage system. Usually, with adequate maintenance and servicing in place, good quality drainage systems rarely encounter problems.

Maintenance and servicing contracts exist to ensure that your systems are running at their best. Also potential problems can be spotted and resolved by the contractor before they become serious. What can’t be planned for, however, is damage from incidents beyond our control, such as flooding and root damage. Having a flooded property is a nightmare in itself, but having no working drainage system in place after a flood occurs can make these problems multiply. For example, in a flood situation, excess water in the ground can dislodge tanks, leading to cracked or burst pipes on one or both sides. This can result in wastewater being expelled out into the surrounding areas instead of into and through the tank.

Root damage from trees and other plant life can be equally serious. In this situation the roots penetrate down and even grow into and around your drainage pipes, causing them to become cracked and dislodged and leaking wastewater into the surrounding areas and reducing the efficiency and safety of your drainage systems.

As you can imagine, dealing with this alone could potentially be expensive and stressful. For those not connected to mains drainage, getting repairs to your wastewater and drainage systems can seem like a very expensive headache, however there is a solution.

MPC Services are one of the country’s leading drainage insurance experts, who can help you find out if the damage to your systems is covered by your buildings insurance policy. They handle the process from start to finish, liaising with your insurers to get the best possible settlement for your claim. MPC is an approved contractor for this scheme, offering our professional and expert service to get your system up and running again.

Note: A wide range of different problems with your system may be covered by your buildings insurance, visit our insurance work page for more information.

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