Why you should Regularly Maintain your Treatment Plants and Pump Stations

Any sewage treatment system will only carry on functioning at its optimum capacity with a bit of care and attention and this is never truer than with treatment plants and pump stations. Inadequate maintenance will potentially lead to undiagnosed problems, poor performance and damage to expensive equipment and/or leaks. Having a dedicated service contract with the likes of MPC will ensure that your valuable equipment is properly maintained and any potential issues are flagged up and resolved before they become costlier and more problematic. Extending the life of your treatment plants and pump stations should definitely be a goal, if not because of the financial savings then definitely for time-saving and environmental reasons. Having a proper service plan in place will allow dedicated engineers to ensure that everything is set up to be optimised for efficiency and there is less chance of overloading the system. You may not consistently use your system at a steady level and if a treatment plant and pump station is used rarely then heavily (i.e. sporadically) without being regularly serviced, it is much more likely to malfunction.

If you make sure that your treatment plant and pump station are regularly serviced by experts you will also be ensuring that your system fulfils the mandatory standards laid down by the Environment Agency. Ignorance of the standards is not an excuse and nobody wants to contribute to polluting their local watercourses, which are already under so much pressure and reaching a tipping point. Ensuring that any sewage treatment system is working efficiently and smoothly will help to prevent any such pollution. Checking the quality of the effluent is also a very big part of the job when it comes to maintaining a treatment plant as any number of things can contribute to tainted effluent, from blockages, greywater entering the tank and overuse.

Having an off-mains sewage treatment system is a big asset and often provides a fundamentally important service to business owners. Specialists like MPC will be used to working with all manner of businesses as well as they myriad systems out there; recognising the disparate individual needs of these distinct businesses and systems alike as well as understanding the commercial problem that could be caused by any downtime. If your system is new, then regular maintenance is absolutely vital not only to keep the warranty on the system valid but to minimise depreciation and to keep that optimal out of the box performance for as long as possible.

In terms of the recommended frequency for servicing your treatment plant the following can be used as a general rule. For a septic tank or cesspool it will depend on the size of your tank and the number of users, but the timeframe will vary from every 6 to every 12 months. Your service provider will advise. Similarly for a sewage treatment plant you need to get the sludge build-up cleared and the electrical and mechanical components checked every 6 months or so.